Month: February 2015

6 things successful people do while they take a shit.

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For human beings the call of nature is an inevitable truth of the life, nobody can escape it, we all need to go to the loo during the day.

Successful people understand that their success as well as their mental and physical health depends very much the precise management of their time they spent on the bog. That’s why pooping routines are a key ritual for so many of them; and why the very first thing most successful people do before taking a shit is to drop their pants.

1. They drop their pants.

Successful people understand that dropping ones pants before taking a dump is a crucial part to prevent unpleasant accidents that will prevent them of having a overall successful day. There is nothing more disturbing than caught odours or visible stains for business partners and colleagues, of which successful people are especially aware of.

2. They exercise their brains.

Successful people know how to utilise the time they sit and shit. Instead of doodling around on the wall, they exercise their brains with Sudoku and 2048 or read the newest issue of The Economist, NYT or Playboy. Successful people know exactly how beneficial these activities are for their success in life and at work, so doing these activities in their spare time will increase their overall success.

3. They plan their next steps.

Successful people plan precisely what they do after they finished. From the number of toilet tissue sheets they use over the best way to wash their hands quickly to the time they inspect their successful creation.

4. They keep their social networks alive.

While networking with your business contacts is best done on a face to face basis, successful people know that they can utilise the time on the loo to have quick calls with their best friends to organise informal social gatherings. Successful people understand the benefits of these social gatherings for their mental and physical health and offer a welcoming relief from a hard day at work.

5. They unplug and disconnect from work.

Truly successful people do anything but work while pooping, they never check their email, and they try not to dwell on work-related issues. Successful people give themselves a buffer period between the time they read their last email and the time they wipe their bum. The idea is to get your head out of work before you sit down.

6. They are proud.

Finally, truly successful people know the benefits of intrinsic motivation. This motivation is achieved through the realisation of one’s own successes. Here, the inspection of their creation is a perfect way to get a sense of achievement, which has a positive effect on one’s psychology.