Month: October 2013

The other day in my logic course

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Just recently I came across the following forum post in my logic course I take on Coursera, called Think Again: How to Reason and Argue:

1. A worldview is a person’s view of what the world is.

2. Some people view the world as having been created.


:. 3. Creationism is a worldview.

4. Some people view the world as having been evolved.


:. 5. Evolution is a worldview.

6. Creationism is Theistic.

7. Evolution is Atheistic.

8. Schools teach Evolution but ban Creationism.


:. 9. Schools teach Atheistic teachings but ban Theistic teachings.

10. In teaching, the Schools try to change student’s beliefs or mentality.


:. 11. Schools try to make students believe atheistic teachings, while trying to limit theistic teachings.

12. People who believe Atheistic teaching are Atheists.

13. People who believe Theistic teachings are Theists.


:. 14. Schools try to make students Atheists.

Well… what can I say? Maybe just this: